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Healthcare workers are key to the success of innovation, as the people delivering care are often the ones who identify problems and can bring about change.

“Healthcare innovation is critical when thinking about revolutionising a healthcare system”, explains Professor Jane Burns, Innovation Leader.

See more from Professor Jane Burns in this video. 


Our aim is to:

  • Inspire frontline healthcare workers to use new ways to address healthcare problems, and to enable them to build innovation skills.
  • Connect healthcare workers with established and emerging innovation experts from universities, industry and start-ups.

Healthcare can be a complex system and current approaches to change don’t always lead to improvement. Together, we need to find new ways of addressing the needs of patients, carers, and healthcare workers to ensure that we continue to deliver the best care.

Learning and development

Foundations of Medical Technology Innovation

Our capability program, Foundations of Medical Technology Innovation, was developed in partnership with Monash Institute for Mechanical Engineering (MIME). It’s for anyone with an interest in healthcare innovation, regardless of your background, role, or level of experience. For example, healthcare workers, frontline clinicians, consumers, students or entrepreneurs.

Foundations of Medical Technology Innovation provides an overview of innovation methods using the Stanford BioDesign Process. It includes:

  • structured guidance and resources to support you to become a healthcare innovator
  • new ways to deliver healthcare or improve the healthcare system
  • how you can identify, generate, test, trial and put in place innovative solutions to persistent healthcare problems
  • guidance on which entrepreneurial pathways are available to support you to commercialise an innovative solution or product.

Foundations of Medical Technology Innovation program is free.

A certificate of completion will be issued once all modules of the curriculum have been completed.

We hope you enjoy our foundational capability program and appreciate your support.

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Note: To help us improve future programs, please complete the feedback sections in each of the modules.

Connect with us

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