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Key points

This guideline is recommended for assessment and initial management of acute life threatening asthma in adults and children.

In addition to standard first line treatments, add on treatments are also listed.

If these add on treatments are required, discuss with a respiratory team or critical care service (ICU or ARV).

In severe life threatening acute asthma or acute asthma refractory to standard treatment, consult ICU and respiratory teams to determine appropriateness of add on treatments, such as IV salbutamol, IV magnesium.

Following each acute episode the action plan should be reviewed, or a new one should be developed.

We recommend using the National Asthma Council Australia Australian Asthma Handbook

The images below are linked to easy-to-follow pathways of care and treatment options for emergency patients presenting with asthma.

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Managing acute asthma in adults

Table outlining the add-on treatment options for acute asthma      Initial management of LTIS in adults children

Patient fact sheet

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