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ViCTOR - Victorian Children’s Tool for Observation and Response - is a set of standardised evidence-based tools to help health services develop more robust mechanisms to detect and respond to patient deterioration. 

ViCTOR resources can be accessed via The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne education hub.

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ViCTOR Charts for paediatric and neonatal observations

In 2014, the Victorian Children’s Tool for Observation and Response (ViCTOR) Charts were developed to support special care nurseries, paediatric units, emergency departments, urgent care centres and recovery units to standardise the record of paediatric vital signs.

These charts have been were developed to provide a standardised and evidence-based approach to fluid management in paediatric and neonatal settings across Victoria.

The charts were piloted and evaluated at eight hospitals across nine pilot sites throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria in 2018.

The Fluid Management Charts include:

  • ViCTOR Special Care Nursery Fluid Management Chart – for use in the special care nurseries
  • ViCTOR Paediatric Fluid Management Chart – for use in paediatric wards, emergency departments and recovery units.

An educational video ‘Fluid Management in Paediatric Patients’ has been developed to support the implementation of the principles of fluid management in hospitalised children.

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Version History

Last reviewed: May 2018

Due for review: May 2021

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