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In Progress

This is an innovation project supported by the former Better Care Victoria Innovation Fund. 

Lead organisation

Northern Health


Northern Health’s ‘Staying Well’ initiative focuses firstly on identifying patients with chronic and complex health requirements and then providing a service that supports them in the community. 

The ACDC project, which is part of Staying Well, will harness machine learning to more accurately predict people at high risk of multiple unplanned hospital admissions and detect deterioration in health while the person is still at home, enabling proactive care.


  • Develop highly accurate models that can predict patients at high risk of multiple unplanned hospital admissions
  • Develop a model that provides real-time detection of deteriorating health in patients with complex chronic condition in their home
  • Train other health service staff in machine learning analysis so that the learnings can be applied and scaled up across Victoria


August 2021 – Indications from Northern Health’s Staying Well initiative suggest an artificial intelligence tool can help us predict hospital admissions in people with complex chronic conditions.

Although interrupted by the pandemic, initial testing of the tool is positive, with the ability to identify patients who may deteriorate and be readmitted to hospital higher than expected. Outcomes for the project will be available later in 2021.

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