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To achieve better health outcomes for Victorians, health services and professionals must work with their communities and listen to their needs. Community advisory committees provide a formal way to do this.

Featuring tips, examples and case studies, our updated guide provides practical advice on how to:
•    review the way your committee is currently operating 
•    improve how you formally seek community input to key services, initiatives and decisions
•    implement the Partnering in healthcare framework
•    meet national standards and accreditation requirements around partnering with consumers.

This is the third revision of Victoria’s community advisory committee guide, first developed in 2000 when committees were mandated for public hospitals. Under the Health Services Act 1988, public health service boards must appoint at least one community advisory committee to provide a forum for consumer, carer and community participation. However, all health services may use this guide to adopt a consistent approach to partnering with consumers.

SCV commissioned the Health Issues Centre to review the guidelines, seeking feedback from consumers, consumer groups and health service staff. We then consulted widely with diverse stakeholders, including health services, the patient experience network, council of board chairs, consumers and consumer organisations.

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