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This report summarises the findings, recommendations and lessons from SCV’s 2020 review into blood glucose level testing in COVID-19 quarantine accommodation.

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The incident review found:

  • residents were placed at low risk of contracting blood borne viruses – Hepatitis B and C, and HIV – through the use of incorrect devices for blood glucose level testing
  • the speed at which the quarantine program was set up meant that that important clinical governance was not established – i.e. there was no guidance, training or oversight to help team leaders or registered nurses understand these devices were not appropriate for use on multiple people
  • team leaders were recruited quickly, without the clinical experience to know which devices to buy
  • registered nurses were unfamiliar with personal use devices as they are not used in healthcare settings 
  • there was no central agreement or oversight on the purchase of medical equipment suitable for use in quarantine accommodation
  • there were no clinical guidelines or training on blood glucose level testing in the program.

As at April 2021, all 13 recommendations from this review have been implemented or are in progress.

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