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    Safer Care Victoria’s Best Care resources support patients and healthcare providers to have conversations and make decisions together about the most appropriate pathways for care.

    This resource, developed for clinicians, details a specific elective surgery procedure that should now only be done for specific indications. Evidence-based recommendations that detail ‘best care’ pathways should be discussed with your patient to determine the most appropriate pathway of care.


    Arthroscopic knee procedures, including lavage, debridement and partial meniscectomy, should not be used to treat a patient with uncomplicated knee osteoarthritis because it does not alter the natural history of knee osteoarthritis.

    When is the procedure indicated?

    Knee arthroscopy, in the presence of osteoarthritis, may be appropriate in the following circumstances:

    • suspected or confirmed septic arthritis
    • symptomatic loose bodies
    • locked or locking knees
    • meniscal tears that require repair, such as due to recurrent effusions or mechanical dysfunction, after appropriate trial of physiotherapy/rehabilitation
    • need for synovectomy in the case of inflammatory arthropathy
    • need for resection or biopsy in the case of synovial pathology
    • in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as high tibial osteotomy
    • for diagnostic purposes where MRI results are unclear or imaging is not possible, and the symptoms are not characteristic of osteoarthritis.

    Best care recommendations

    Treatment options for uncomplicated knee osteoarthritis include:

    • physiotherapy/exercise
    • education and self-management
    • weight loss if indicated
    • pharmacological treatments
    • joint replacement surgery where conservative management has failed to control pain or maintain function.


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    Page last updated: 23 Dec 2020

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