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    The ICD coding queries database supports the clinical coding function performed in Victoria by health information managers and clinical coders. The database provides access to submitted queries and their responses. The database can be downloaded or viewed online.

    If you become aware that advice in the database contradicts advice published in another jurisdiction, you are encouraged to submit a query so that the Victorian ICD Coding Committee (VICC) can take steps to obtain national clarification.

    Implementation dates

    The advice published in this database should be implemented for separations from the first day of the following month. For example, advice published in the September release of the database takes effect for separations on or after 1 October. Unless otherwise stated, episodes of care occurring prior to this should not be retrospectively recoded to implement VICC advice. The instruction to not retrospectively recode episodes of care is in accordance with ACCD guidelines for implementation dates of errata and coding rules.

    Retired or superseded advice

    This database includes resolved queries from July 2004 to date. As advice from previous editions may become superseded or be incorporated into the classification, queries answered from two editions prior are automatically retired when a new edition is introduced. For example, when Ninth edition was introduced, queries from Sixth edition were retired.

    Retired queries are still available for reference in the database, but are identified by a retired date. Consequently, advice in retired queries cannot be followed. However, if you consider that the retired advice is still relevant and you cannot find evidence that it has been incorporated into or altered by another change to the classification, you may submit a new query to VICC to review the response.

    Coding queries

    Victorian coders can submit coding queries via the online query form.

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