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Posted on 13 Oct 2023
Incident response/review

The Albury Wodonga region colonoscopy recall is now complete, with our organisation identifying, contacting, reviewing and supporting close to 2,000 patients during the process.  

In January, our investigation found that some colonoscopies performed or supervised by a surgeon in the Albury Wodonga region between 2018 and 2022 were incomplete, potentially compromising the accuracy of the resulting diagnoses. This prompted a recall process.

Working closely with Albury Wodonga Health, Albury Wodonga Private Hospital and Insight Private Hospital, we facilitated 1,750 clinical reviews, 1,443 specialist consultations and 1,084 repeat colonoscopies for affected patients.

Preventative treatments were also provided to 548 people, helping to prevent some cancers from developing and ultimately leading to better health outcomes for these patients.  

Sadly, 7 patients have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer following their repeat colonoscopy. It is not possible to know whether these cancers could have been detected during their original colonoscopy or if they have developed since then. Regardless, this will have been a distressing experience for these patients. They are all undergoing treatment and are hopeful of a full recovery.

During the recall process, several patients were identified as deceased, however none of these people were found to have died of causes related to their original colonoscopy.  

This recall would not have been possible without the support, hard work and expertise of the many specialists and clinicians and the health services who provided follow-up investigations and treatment.