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Posted on 03 Oct 2023

We’re excited to share our next strategic plan that will guide us over the next 3 years in providing a safer healthcare system for all Victorians. It sets an ambitious agenda towards a continuous reduction of avoidable harm and statewide scaling of evidence-based, outcome-focused improvements. 

The strategy is underpinned by a new vision, aim and 4 strategic priorities to improve the safety of the healthcare system summarised in the diagram below.

Read the Strategic Plan.

All eyes on safety

Our Annual Plan 2023–24 details the key activities we’ll undertake this year to achieve our vision of a safer healthcare system for all Victorians. Aligned to our new Strategic Plan 2023-26 {hyperlink}, we’re focused on making an impact in 4 strategic priority areas, which will allow us to achieve our aim to co-create a consistently safe and continuously improving healthcare system for all Victorians. 

We will deliver safety through:

  • leadership and reform – we will work locally at every level of the system to influence safety improvement
  • strengthening governance – we will drive tailored and scaled clinical governance practices
  • proactive monitoring – we will monitor the safety of our healthcare system to identify where we can improve the quality of care and prevent patient harm
  • effective intervention – we will proactively partner and support interventions that continuously improve the healthcare system.

We invite consumers, healthcare workers, health services and other stakeholders to partner with us in this. 

Read our Annual Plan 2023-24

Our Annual Report 2022-23 highlights our achievements and the initiatives we‘ve undertaken with our partners to improve the quality and safety of healthcare for Victorians.

Since launching the 100,000 Lives program in 2021-22, more than 50,000 Victorian lives have been positively impacted by the program. During the last year alone, we strengthened measurement and monitoring of the health system, and established groups to take best practice and research evidence and adapt at scale. We supported health services to implement the statutory duty of candour, led vital mental health reforms and managed the Albury Wodonga Region Colonoscopy Recall helping affected people receive the care they needed.

Read our Annual Report 2022-23

We are privileged to act on behalf of all Victorians in making their healthcare experience safer and look forward to continuing this work into the future.