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Posted on 31 Aug 2023

We are committed to updating our maternity and neonatal eHandbooks as a priority project. Over the next 12 months, we will systematically update over 100 guidance items using the highest level of evidence available or by expert consensus agreement, where evidence is lacking. 

The Neonatal eHandbook is a trusted and indispensable guide for healthcare professionals caring for neonates in Victoria. Our updates will strengthen this resource.

The Maternity eHandbook houses 24 guidelines pertaining to pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period. Many of these guidelines will be refreshed with updated evidence for care.

We are doing this to support Victorian clinicians working in the public healthcare system and to contribute to improved health outcomes for Victorian mothers, babies, and families. 

We have joined forces with consumers, First Nations representatives, and clinical experts from across 16 health services to assist in updating the eHandbooks.

Consumer and First Nations representation is essential and their contribution as equal partners in the work will ensure their voices are heard and respected.  

The Project governance committee will provide oversight, assurance, monitoring and endorsement and will be led by Obstetrician and SCV Clinical lead, Penny Sheehan. The committee will be strengthened by a deputy chair per focus area; Acting Senior Maternity Advisor, Tracy Firth for maternity and a neonatal clinical expert for the neonatal guidelines who will be announced shortly.

Two sector driven expert working groups (maternity and neonatal) have been established to provide clinical advice and input into updating the guidelines. We will also engage academics and researchers to assist us in ensuring the guidelines are evidence based.

The Project governance committee will provide project updates at the end of every quarter or as they become available. 

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