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This strategy document sets out how Safer Care Victoria will produce clinical guidance for Victoria’s health system into the future.

The document:

  • identifies the core principles that underpin our evidence-based guidance capability 
  • outlines our process for guidance development
  • describes how we will support health services to put our guidance into practice, and then measure its impact

Why we created this strategy

The spotlight was put on clinical standards and patient safety in Victoria through the Targeting Zero report. It highlighted the sometimes ad hoc nature of clinical guidance to health services, limited sharing of high-quality guidance, and variation in the consistency of practices between hospitals. 

With the publication of this document, we are implementing a key element of our plan for a better, safer health system.


Thank you to the individuals and groups who provided valuable input during the development of this strategy, especially the members of our evidence-based guidance working group who provided targeted feedback. 

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2020

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