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This report outlines a new delivery model for extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in Victoria.  

ECMO is a special form of advanced life support used to treat the sickest Victorians. It gives temporary life-support for critically ill patients with reversible acute respiratory and cardiac failure, when other intensive care therapies cannot keep a patient alive. It is a high-risk procedure that requires highly skilled and experienced clinicians. It is not a common procedure but can be lifesaving.

In response to the Adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in Victoria: Centralisation and retrieval model evidence review (ECMO evidence review), Safer Care Victoria established the Victorian ECMO Service working group.

The group of 40 clinicians and consumers had the task of responding to the recommendations from the evidence review and to consider how the statewide ECMO service could be implemented in Victoria. 

The proposed new delivery model to implement the Victorian ECMO service includes:

  • a three-tiered system of health services: comprehensive, intermediate or initiation ECMO service
  • a centralised 24-hour consultation and coordination service 
  • all levels of Victorian ECMO services to undergo training to be accredited and meet reporting requirements.

Our report is now with the Department of Health and Human Services to manage the implementation of the Victorian ECMO Service.

You can download these reports below. 

Page last updated: 13 Nov 2020

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