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Our vision

Outstanding healthcare for all Victorians. Always.

Our values

Challenge the norm 

  • We do things differently, and we are proud of it
  • We are curious and innovative, and have the courage to challenge what’s normal
  • We are honest, open and speak up when things aren’t right

Accept nothing less than excellence

  • We are outcome focused – we go above and beyond to ensure consumers receive high-quality care
  • We move with the sector and help healthcare providers to improve
  • We won’t make excuses for second rate outcomes

Tell it like it is

  • We go out of our way to share information with others
  • We communicate with plain language
  • We are transparent about what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve
  • We recognise what doesn’t work and take action to improve

One team

  • We know the best outcomes arise when we work together
  • We recognise the value that each individual can bring to the team, and respect each other’s opinions

Bring your whole self

  • We bring integrity to our work, and the interactions we have with others
  • We believe in what we do, and are passionate about making a difference
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