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    The SCV Corporate plan 2019–20 details what we will deliver in the next year to achieve our vision of outstanding healthcare for all Victorians. This is the final annual plan against our inaugural Strategic Plan 2017–20.

    Download our corporate plan

    The plan details key activities and targets against our strategic objectives:

    • Partnering with consumers
    • Improving healthcare quality
    • Reducing variation across the state
    • Fostering innovation
    • Reviewing and responding
    • Supporting strong leaders

    Key activities

    • Trial HEAR Me, a new 24/7 phone service for patients and families to escalate care concerns
    • Scale another two successful projects discovered through the Better Care Victoria innovation fund
    • Get 50% more people trained in serious event reviewing, through introducing an online training module.
    • Release best practice guidance including: preoperative hip fracture care, acute behavioural disturbance in emergency departments, use of bedrails in hospitals, palliative sedation, safe oral intake, etc.

    Key targets

    • 20% fall in stillbirths through the Safer baby collaborative
    • 20% fall in 3rd and 4th degree perineal tears at sites partnering in the Better births for women collaborative
    • 20% fewer falls in older patients, at sites partnering in the Delirium collaborative
    • 20% fewer people dying from sepsis at sites partnering in the Sepsis scaling project

    This plan was developed in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services. We look forward to releasing a new strategy by July 2020.


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