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The Clinical Conversations webinar series provide a platform for people to explore speciality areas of healthcare by sharing and discussing key learnings from lived experience in the sector.


7 February 2024

Hospital readmissions as a systems measure

Reducing hospital readmissions is a common priority in healthcare policy and practice due to the burdensome costs to the health care system and patients.

In this clinical conversation, our expert panel talks about readmissions, the challenges with measurement and the opportunity to use this systems measure to guide better quality patient-centred care. We hear the perspectives of a general medicine consultant, an improvement advisor, and a lived experience consumer.

14 December 2023

Updates to the Hip Fracture Clinical Care Standard 2023

Safer Care Victoria’s Continuing Care Learning Health Network welcomed the Chief Medical Officer of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), Conjoint Associate Professor Carolyn Hullick, to speak about recent changes to the Hip Fracture Clinical Care Standard (2023).

Released by the ACSQHC in September 2023, the updated standard aims to improve survival rates and reduce the recovery time for people who undergo hip fracture surgery.

Key changes in the 2023 standard include:

  • time to surgery reduced from 48 to 36 hours of presenting at any hospital identify and manage malnutrition, frailty and delirium
  • offer a ‘nerve block’ injection in the groin to provide fast pain relief
  • better communication to ensure First Nations people receive safe and equitable care.

6 December 2023

Improving theatre utilisation: Everyday improvements to increase theatre efficiency

We delve into the world of theatre efficiency and discover how small changes can make a big impact. Experts share their tips and tricks on how to measure theatre efficiency and use data to improve everyday theatre utilisation. You also hear from health services on how they've successfully implemented simple improvements to maximise theatre utilisation.

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22 November 2023

Improving theatre utilisation: Planning a perfect week - Lessons from the sector

Join us for an exciting panel discussion with clinical experts on Planning a perfect week. These experts have conducted 'Perfect weeks' where they focused on one specialty for 7 consecutive days to help reduce waiting times for surgeries. You'll learn about the planning considerations before, during and after surgery that ensure a successful 'Perfect week'. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to gain valuable insights and tips from the pros!

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25 March 2022Lessons learned and changes that will stay
5 April 2022Move it or lose it – Promoting activity for the older person
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28 April 2022Adapting to a brave new world – The role of virtual/telehealth in palliative care
3 May 2022COVID-19 Therapeutics
4 May 2022Renal network clinical conversation: Improvement opportunities in dialysis vascular access
11 May 2022Extreme prematurity
21 June 2022The great debate: PPE for respiratory infections
12 July 2022A tale of two specialties: The geriatrician and the emergency physician
13 July 2022Reducing pain in newborns during painful procedures: Evidence, practices and education
14 July 2022Impactful integration of care – Delivery of an integrated respiratory and palliative care service
26 July 2022Social prescribing: Enhancing health and wellbeing through meaningful connection
2 August 2022Optimising hyper-acute stroke care
10 August 2022Interventions for vaccine preventable infections in pregnancy
6 October 2022Dual antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention - long term perspective
19 October 2022Caesarean section surgical site infections in Victorian hospitals
31 October 2022    Hospital infrastructure infection control challenges and opportunities
2 November 2022The long and perilous journey to guideline recommended heart failure therapy
4 November 2022Maximising the intensity of stroke rehab with a dose of reality
29 November 2022When active treatment is no longer an option – The conversation clinicians don't want to have
1 December 2002Breaking down the barriers to cardiac rehab
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