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When a patient presents to an emergency department or urgent care centre, they should be given the best available information.

This updated fact sheet helps ensure clinicians and patients have access to easy-to-read information about different emergency conditions.

Give this fact sheet to your patients when discharging them from an emergency department or urgent care centre.

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Download our fact sheet to provide your patients with easy to follow guidance on migraines.

Migraines are severe headaches that usually involve vomiting, fatigue and sensitivity to light. Some begin on one side of the head (often behind the eye) and spread to the whole head but many do not. Migraines can last from hours to a few days.

Migraines affect around one in 10 people. They are more common in females and tend to affect young people who are otherwise healthy. Many people who get migraines will have a family member with the same problem.

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Page last updated: 15 Jan 2021

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