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Published Date09 Jun 2020
Last Updated16 Nov 2020

We have developed guidance to help everyone – including doctors, nurses and allied health staff, staff involved in food and drink provision and visiting family and friends – understand when a patient is on a modified diet and needs supervision as... Read more...

Published Date07 Apr 2020
Last Updated11 Nov 2020

In aged care services, infectious illness may spread from resident to resident, resulting in what we refer to as an outbreak.

Outbreaks of infectious illness in residential aged care services are a risk to the health and wellbeing of... Read more...

Published Date30 Oct 2019
Last Updated22 Dec 2020

Bed rails attach to the sides of a bed, and may be used when there are concerns about a person falling out of bed. They have caused harm when a patient/client has become trapped, or fallen when trying to climb out of bed. 

...