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These opportunities will help you develop your capacity in improvement science and project management.

Pocket QI

Pocket QI is suitable for anyone in a healthcare setting who wants to learn about the Model for Improvement and improvement science. This course introduces participants to key theory, methods and tools for quality improvement, including using the Model for Improvement to help establish the aim, measures and changes for testing in improvement initiatives.

This program includes four 2-hour online sessions with additional self-directed reading and activities. 

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Improvement coach

The Improvement Coach program is ideal for people who are responsible for coaching improvement teams and have familiarity with improvement science theory, methods and tools.

The program aims to deepen knowledge about quality improvement and equip participants with specialised skills necessary for coaching and empowering improvement teams, from idea generation into action.

Participants will learn how to use improvement science and the Model for Improvement as a roadmap for improvement projects. They will coach improvement teams on how to develop, test, and implement changes; use data for improvement (including how to use run charts), and other key quality improvement tools.

Improvement Coach is delivered in partnership with IHI and includes scheduled face-to-face workshops, virtual sessions and webinars over a 12-week period (subject to change due to remote working arrangements).

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Improvement advisor

This program is for advanced quality improvement leaders in healthcare who have a deep interest in the application of improvement science. Participants should have an intermediate to advanced understanding of quality improvement approaches.

The Improvement Advisor program provides a laboratory for exploring the foundational concepts of quality improvement and practising the methods and tools for appreciating a system, understanding variation, understanding the human side of change and building knowledge through disciplined experimentation.

Participants will be expected to identify and report on an improvement project they are leading (or supporting as a quality improvement specialist).

The program is delivered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and includes face-to-face workshops, virtual sessions, self-directed learning and assignments over a 12-month period (subject to change due to remote working arrangements).

Co-design NOW!

In 2023, Safer Care Victoria will run several courses that focus on co-design and partnering. These course will help people become confident advocates for co-design and partnering in healthcare. Courses are held either face-to-face or online throughout the year. 

We run several courses including Co-design NOW! Partnering in action, which is held online over 5 x 2 hour sessions or face-to-face over 2 days, and Introduction to Co-design and Partnering, which is a 3 hour foundational course.

Regardless of your experience in healthcare or co-design, these courses will help you identify opportunities for co-design, advocate within your organisation and put your learning into practice. You’ll also join a network of peers working in this space. 

These courses will enhance your understanding of how partnership and co-design can add value and demystify the challenges in a fun learning-by-doing experience. We’ll share some tools that can help you in your projects and start a conversation about partnering.

To register your interest in our Co-design and Partnering program for 2023, please complete the Expressions of Interest form and we will be in touch in 2023.

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IHI open school

Safer Care Victoria has a subscription to the IHI Open School that is accessible to people working in the health sector in Victoria. Limited places available and registration is required. 

The IHI Open School is platform of quality and safety focused self-directed learning programs. It's an easy way to bring essential training in quality improvement and patient safety to people working in the health sector, creating a common language around improvement and giving learners important skills to become leaders and agents of change for improvement in healthcare.

Through IHI Open School, users can complete the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety. This consists of 13 self-directed courses (17.75 total hours). The Basic Certificate provides a well-rounded introduction to quality, safety, population health, equity, health care leadership, and person- and family-centred care. Advanced courses are also available.

How to get IHI Open School access code

1. If you are not registered, create an IHI account.

2. Request an IHI Open School access code. You will need to provide: 

  • name and contact details
  • work email address
  • position held in the organisation
  • a brief statement about the project you are working on
  • agreement to the IHI Open School terms and conditions

3. NOTE: Access to the SCV IHI Open School subscription is only available for individuals working in the health sector in Victoria. 

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Page last updated: 03 May 2023

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