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Our mental health improvement program will improve mental healthcare in Victorian publicly funded mental health and wellbeing services, so it is safer, more effective, appropriate and connected.

We’re working in partnership with consumers, carers, families and supporters, and the mental health and wellbeing workforce and leaders to co-design quality improvement programs.

We are working closely with the Department of Health, including the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist to implement the new quality and safety architecture. When established, we will also work closely with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission.

Our key priorities

  • Towards the elimination of restrictive interventions
  • Prevent gender-based violence
  • Prevent suicides in mental healthcare settings
  • Reduce compulsory treatment

Work underway

Our first large scale initiative Safety for all in mental health inpatient units commenced in November 2021.

We’re developing a range of resources and training opportunities to increase your skills and understanding of improvement science.

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About the program

Our work is supported by the Chief Mental Health Nurse, building on work already undertaken to further improve service delivery in line with our key priorities.

Hear more from our leaders about the new quality and safety structures to support mental health and wellbeing services in Victoria.


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Page last updated: 27 Feb 2023