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One outcome of the Mental Health Royal Commission was for Safer Care Victoria to support health care services to adopt the Zero Suicide Framework. The Gold Coast Mental Health Specialist Service successfully implemented the framework, inspiring state health departments in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand to adopt the framework.

We have the opportunity to partner with health services to lead this work in Victoria. This improvement initiative is the beginning of larger scale work with health services across the state.


Support health care services to successfully implement the Zero Suicide Framework, therefore improving the pathway of care and reducing incidences of suicidality and self-harm.


Victorian health services commencing with child/adolescent services.


Child/Adolescent pilot  

  • Phase One: Lead and train (12 months)    
  • Phase Two: Identify, engage, treat, transition and improve (12 months)

Health services    

Eastern Health, The Royal Children's Hospital


Zero Suicide Institute Australasia, Suicide Prevention and Response Office, Mental Health and Wellbeing Division, Lived Experience community, Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, Project teams across South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, New Zealand and the United States

Recorded sessions

Zero Suicide Framework Q&A


Partnering with Victorian healthcare services: adopting the Zero Suicide Framework

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