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The Victorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Mortality and Morbidity has released its 2015-2017 report.

This report reviews 110 cases of anaesthesia-related mortality and morbidity submitted to the council during 2015–2017.

The report found:

  • perioperative outcomes are becoming more complex 
  • multidisciplinary shared decision making is important, particularly for patients with complex medical problems
  • a more complete understanding of patterns of risk is needed
  • a ‘human factors’ approach is vital to prevent adverse events.

This is the final report from VCCAMM. These recommendations will be overseen by the newly established Victorian Perioperative Consultative Council as they take on the functions of VCCAMM, including reporting on anaesthetic mortality and morbidity in Victoria.

Health services should report cases of anaesthesia-related death or illness to the Victorian Perioperative Consultative Council. The process to report remains unchanged.

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Page last updated: 12 Nov 2020

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