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Our Just Culture resources support health services to strengthen their safety culture and improve patient experiences and outcomes.

What is Just Culture?

Just Culture is part of a safety culture that applies a systems perspective when developing organisational processes, including the review of adverse patient safety events. It enables a workplace where employees feel safe to report adverse patient safety events. It promotes the concept of shared accountability between the organisation and the people in the system, supporting a fair (‘just’) approach.

For more information download the Just Culture guide for health services.

Just Culture Package for Health Services

Our Just Culture Package includes training for senior leaders within Victorian health services to facilitate Just Culture Training at their own services.  Following the training, a toolkit is provided with all of the resources required to deliver the training internally. 

Senior leaders are key to building, maintaining and promoting a Just Culture across their organisation. To strengthen Just Culture capability in Victorian health services, we provide capability development for Victorian health service Boards, CEOs and executives. The existing Just Culture training program will be repackaged and delivered in a revised format to support this work.

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These factsheets provide an introductory overview on key topics relating to adverse patient safety events. They support health services to identify, report, classify, review and learn from adverse patient safety events. The factsheets are in line with training content, guidelines and policies developed by SCV.

Just Culture

A just culture encourages balanced accountability between organisations and individuals, and applies systems-thinking principles to allow fair and just responses to adverse patient safety events. This factsheet helps you understand how a just culture can help you achieve positive outcomes for consumers and your organisation.

Download the Just Culture factsheet

Leadership and safety culture

Safety culture refers to an ongoing organisational commitment to safety by all staff within an organisation. This factsheet outlines the role that organisational leaders play in building, maintaining and promoting the principles of a safety culture within their organisation.

Download the Leadership and Safety Culture factsheet

Cognitive bias

Understand what cognitive biases are and how they can affect both the reviewers of adverse patient safety events and the people involved in the event that is being reviewed.

Download the cognitive bias factsheet.

More information

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