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Rostering is one of the most complex and important professional and organisation functions undertaken by nursing and midwifery managers. Safer Care Victoria, the Department of Health, and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Vic branch) collaborated with three Victorian health services (The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Western Health, and Echuca Regional Health) to embark on a pioneering rostering project. The project was driven by a commitment to understand the challenges posed by current rostering custom and practice and to inform development of a suite of employee centred rostering principles.

The 'Developing employee-centred rostering principles' project found that when it comes to rostering in Victoria, nurses, midwives and managers, acknowledge that the Four Fs should be at the front of everyone’s minds: Foundations, Flexibility, Fairness, and Fatigue Management.

The Victorian employee-centred rostering principles have been underpinned by the priorities identified in the project. The principles provide rostering considerations for nurses, midwives, and their managers to incorporate the Four Fs into their rostering processes and systems.

The Victorian rostering toolkit has been developed to provide organisations with a resource for development of their own local rostering guidelines.

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