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The Clinical Conversations webinar series provide a platform for people to explore speciality areas of healthcare by sharing and discussing key learnings from lived experience in the sector.


The Great Debate: PPE for respiratory infections

21 June 2022

Note: Due to a technical issue the first 10 minutes of the conversation were not recorded

Professor Kirsty Buising, Clinical Lead for the Infection Clinical Network, asked panellists to comment on:

  • the time to ditch droplet and airborne terminology and talk about respiratory particles
  • the level of respiratory protection staff should be wearing when caring for patients with a respiratory infection
  • the time to replace the use of gloves with hand hygiene when caring for a patient in contact precautions
  • eye protection as standard practice for respiratory precautions.
Panel Members
  • Maureen Canning, Operations Manager, Infection Prevention at Western Health 
  • Liz Orr, MPH, GradCertInfCon, GradCertEmerg, BN, Manager of Infection Prevention and Surveillance Service at Royal Melbourne Hospital 
  • Professor Rhonda Stuart, MBBS, FRACP, PhD, Director South East Public Health Unit Director, Infection Prevention & Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases Physician, Monash Infectious Diseases Monash Health, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science, Monash University 
  • Amanda Ayres, RN, MInfecPrevCont, GDipNsgSc(ICN), BHlthSc(Nsg), Cert Geront Nsg, Infection Control Consultant with Bendigo Health and a Regional Consultant for smaller health services in the Loddon Mallee Region, Victoria. 

Extreme prematurity

11 May 2022

Our webinar provides background to the development of SCV's Extreme prematurity guidance and highlights the components and resources available including management flowcharts and parent information sheets.  

A multidisciplinary panel of perinatal clinicians discusses the clinical, logistical and ethical challenges in caring for women and babies at 22-25 weeks’ gestation, and proposes strategies to ensure consistency in practice across all perinatal settings statewide to optimise outcomes.

Presenting Panel
  • Dr Rosemarie Boland -  Research Fellow MCRI, and PIPER Educator
  • Dr Stefan Kane – Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialist Obstetrician
  • Professor Jeanie Cheong - Consultant Neonatologist, RWH, Director: NHRMC Centre for Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine
  • A/Professor Michael Stewart – Consultant Neonatologist RCH, Director PIPER 
  • A/Professor Alexis Shub - Consultant Obstetrician, MHW and PERS Director PIPER
  • Dr Isaac Marshall – Paediatrician, University Hospital Geelong

Renal Network Clinical Conversation: Improvement opportunities in dialysis vascular access

4 May 2022

This webinar discusses improvement opportunities in dialysis vascular access arising from the SCV Renal Key Performance Indicator program. The presentation includes an analysis of data submitted from Victorian renal health services, on reasons leading to central venous catheter use for vascular access in patients new to dialysis.

  • Dr Adam Steinberg, Nephrologist - Melbourne Health 
  • Associate Professor Peter Mount, Nephrologist and SCV Renal Clinical Lead (moderator)

COVID-19 Therapeutics

Professor Kirsty Buising, ICN clinical lead, asks invited panellists to comment on their lived experience, learnings and innovations that have occurred from navigating treatment options for COVID-19 patients in a constantly evolving landscape. 

Panel Members 
  • Associated Professor Joe Sasaduesz, Infectious Diseases Physician at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Alfred Hospital and the Melbourne Sexual Health 
  • Dr Megan Rees, PhD, MBBS, DTMH, FRACP, MRCP, Interim Head of Unit, Department of Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Medicine, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Convenor, Respiratory infectious Diseases Special Interest Group of Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand. Deputy Chair, Disease Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel, National COVID 19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce
  • Associated Professor Craig Aboltins, MBBS (Hons), FRACP,DMEdSc, Infectious Diseases Physician, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Deputy Director of the Division of Medicine at Northern Health
  • Associate Professor Benjamin Rogers, MBBS, PhD, FRANCP, Infectious disease physician, Medical Director of the Hospital in The Home and COVID pathways programs, Monash Health


Adapting to a brave new world – the role of virtual/telehealth in palliative care  

28 April 2022 

This webinar reflects on the lessons learned by healthcare providers and organisations during their transition to virtual care and how this has led to meaningful improvements to palliative care for patients, their families and healthcare providers.

  • Prof Jenny Philip, Chair of Palliative Medicine, University of Melbourne and St Vincent's Hospital 
  • Dr Patrick Steele, Palliative Care Consultant - Palliative Care South East, Monash Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 
  • Tim Moore, Clinical Nurse Consultant – Palliative Care/Telehealth, Melbourne City Mission 


Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network – Perineal protection

19 April 2022

This webinar provides an overview of the SCV Perineal Protection Project highlighting the success of consumer engagement. We also spotlight the ACSQHC Third and Fourth Degree Perineal Tears Clinical Care Standard and provide an update on the outcomes of the SCV Better Births for Women Collaborative.

  • Dr Nicola Yuen, SCV MNCN Clinical Lead
  • Belinda Phelan, Perineal Protection Project Lead SCV Clinical Fellow
  • Consumer Advisor SCV Perineal Protection Project Chair

Move it or lose it – Promoting activity for the Older Person

5 April 2022

This webinar explores innovative strategies for promoting activity and exercise for the older person. We discuss the use of telehealth physiotherapy exercise programs in residential aged care as well as the introduction and expansion of senior’s exercise parks in various local councils across Melbourne and regional Victoria.  

We also hear from consumer Rita Hammond, who lives in a Sydney nursing home. She provides us with valuable insights of her experiences and results from her involvement with telehealth physiotherapy exercise programs.   

  • Rita Hammond, a participant of the telehealth physiotherapy exercise program in aged care 
  • Rik Dawson, Gerontological Physiotherapist, University of Sydney Institute for Musculoskeletal Health 
  • Professor Pazit Levinger, Principal Researcher (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) at National Ageing Research Institute (NARI)

Lessons learned and changes that will stay

25 March 2022


Our presenters shared what they have learned throughout the pandemic that made care more efficient, effective and better that they will continue to do into the future.

  • Dr Chris Macisaac,  Melbourne Health
  • Dr Julia Coull, Alfred Health
  • Dr David Crosbie, Northern Health
  • Dr Owen Roodenburg, Eastern Health

Reflections on COVID: IPC challenges and lessons learnt from acute care settings

25 March 2022

This webinar shared key strategies that have been used to cope with the infection prevention and control (IPC) challenges that emerged during COVID-19.

  • Dr Caroline Bartolo, Infectious disease physician, Department of Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention, Barwon Health
  • Dr Stephen Guy, Clinical Director Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention and Control, Eastern Health
  • Jane Hellsten, Director Infection Prevention Control, Bendigo Health
  • Maureen Canning, Operations Manager, Infection Prevention, Western Health 

COVID-19 outbreaks in residential aged care – successful strategies and lessons learnt

15 February 2022


This webinar focuses on rural and regional residential aged care facilities, many of whom are experiencing their first COVID outbreaks of the pandemic. We will explore communication strategies and infection prevention and control practices that have worked well in residential aged care. 

  • Darren Clark, Nursing Director Aged Care Services, Echuca Regional Health
  • Joanna Price, Senior Infection Control and Prevention Consultant, IPCAR
  • Amanda Ayres, Infection Control & Prevention Consultant Bendigo Health & Loddon Mallee Infection Control Resource Centre 
  • Jamiee Oxford, Operations Manager, Loddon Mallee Primary Health Unit
  • Faline Howes, Medical Lead Covid Response, Department of Health

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Lessons from end of life and bereavement care in the UK during the pandemic 

18 January 2022


In this webinar, Dr Hasan talks to us about how the first WAVE of the COVID-19 pandemic led to improvements in bereavement care, grief support and advance care planning at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 


Dr Sharmeen Hasan, Consultant Geriatrician at King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London UK  

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Review of the impact of COVID-19 in a rural/regional setting

11 November 2021


In this webinar, we heard from several rural and regional health services about the challenges and subsequent changes made to service delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A panel discussion facilitated by leaders in rural health helped to answer some questions from the audience about tailoring solutions to meet their individual service level needs. 

  • Prof Peter Cameron, Monash University
  • Dr Jaycen Cruickshank, Clinical Director Medicine & Subspeciality Medicine, Ballarat Health Services 
  • Dan Crompton, Clinical Director of Emergency Services, Bass Coast Health
  • Steve Warren, Nurse Unit Manager, Geroe Unit, Castlemaine Health
  • Emma Gallagher, Nurse Unit Manager ED, Mildura Base Public Hospital

Safe management of proning awake patients 

29 October 2021

  • Dr Scott Bradley, Senior ICU Physiotherapist, Alfred Health
  • Heather Fitzgerald, Senior Physiotherapist, Eastern Health
  • Kirsty Hearn, Cardiorespiratory Clinical Lead (Physiotherapy), Eastern Health

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Lessons learned caring for the COVID-19 patient

22 October 2021


We hosted an ICU allied health webinar on lessons learned caring for the COVID-19 patient.

  • Rachel Fyfe, Pharmacist, Barwon Health
  • Namita Warrior, Pharmacist, Western Health 
  • Kate Lambell, Clinical Dietician, The Alfred
  • Kym Wittholz, Clinical Dietician, Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Trish Kinrade, Senior ICU Social Worker, Barwon Health

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Lessons learned in COVID-19 streaming in Emergency Care

20 October 2021


This webinar topic discussed best practice models of care for the streaming of COVID-19 patients in Emergency Care. We heard from several leaders across metro organisations, who have flexed existing models and created new models to facilitate safer and more timely care for all patients. We also heard presentations on best practice in infection control and expert commentary from our NSW colleagues. 

  • Prof Peter Cameron, Monash University
  • Dr Megan Robb, Director of Emergency, Northern Health
  • Dr Carl Luckhoff, A/Director, Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre
  • A/Prof Mark Putland,  Director of Emergency Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Dr Clare Skinner, President Elect, Australian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM)
  • A/Prof Caroline Marshall, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Q and A lessons learned

15 October 2021

  • Steve McGloughlin, Director ICU, The Alfred
  • Kirsty Buising, Infectious Diseases Clinical Lead, Safer Care Victoria 
  • Irma Bilgrami, Intensivist, Western Health 
  • Michelle Topple, NUM, Austin Health 
  • Thomas Rollinson, Physio, Austin Health 

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Sharing lived experience caring for COVID-19 patients

6 October 2021


Our inaugural webinar was opened by Prof Brett Sutton who thanked the critical care network for all their hard work. The session focused on supporting the deteriorating COVID-19 positive patient.

  • Dr Jimmy Chien, Westmead Hospital 
  • Paula Lyons, ICU Liaison Nurse, Western Health 
  • Naomi Pratt, ICU Liaison Nurse, Peninsula Health  

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Additional COVID-19 resources

To support collaboration and learning, Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Health have created a secure COVID-19 clinical shared resources SharePoint page, enabling the sharing, with permission, of COVID-19 resources developed by health services. The page is intended for use by clinicians involved in the delivery of COVID-19 care.

To register for access to the COVID-19 clinical shared resources site, please email

Access Department of Health COVID-19 clinical resources.

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