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    The Continuing Care Learning Health Network (CCLHN) brings together consumers, clinicians, and researchers to improve safety and quality of healthcare, experiences, and outcomes for people with complex and long-term health needs. 

    The healthcare needs of those with chronic illness can often be met in a range of settings, typically occurring outside of acute hospital wards. The CCLHN’s goal is to drive safety and quality to improve care for all Victorians.

    The Continuing Care Learning Health Network Advisory Group

    The CCLHN Advisory Group drives and facilitates purposeful consumer and health sector engagement and provides advice on work of the LHN with a focus on system level issues.

    Membership consists of experts in the fields of gerontology, palliative care, hip fracture and chronic disease including medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, social work, pharmacy, consumers, health system leaders and improvement specialists. 

    The CCLHN Advisory Group is co-chaired by Consumer Lead, Jo Hansen and Clinical Lead, Dr Kate Gregorevic.

    Jo Hansen volunteers at a public hospital in Melbourne, focusing on effective consumer partnerships as part of the Ethics and Comprehensive Care program. She has worked as an early childhood educator with 50 years’ experience in the field, establishing and managing early intervention services, working with the Department of Human Services as a policy advisor, and reviewing early intervention services. She has lectured at University, TAFE and presented in-services to the early childhood field.

    Jo is an advocate for her partner who has complex, chronic health conditions involving multiple medical interventions, emergency admissions, operations, and drug trials over the last 15 years. She was also the primary carer for her parents through their physical deterioration and dementia.

    Dr Kate Gregorevic is a geriatrician and internal medicine physician working at a public hospital in Melbourne. She works with patients across multiple stages of the hospital journey, from the acute hospital admission to rehabilitation in the home. 

    Kate has a medical degree and PhD from the university of Melbourne and has done research in positive psychosocial factors and frailty. Working with older adults, she is reminded every day that health status in older age starts decades earlier, and she is passionate about helping people understand the steps they can take to live as well as possible. Kate also recognises the importance of addressing systemic factors that contribute to poor health and advocates for creating equitable health policy. 

    Kate has also written two books on health and longevity. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children.

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    Community of Practice 

    Our Communities of Practice (CoP) offer an opportunity for professional networking amongst Victorian consumers and clinicians with a passion for a particular specialty area. They are sector-led to facilitate sharing ideas and resources, peer-to-peer learning and problem solving. Members of the CoP may select topics for discussion, engage speakers to present, or simply have a casual discussion of their specialty. 

    The CoP chairs have a seat on the SCV Continuing Care Advisory Group. Established CoPs include Palliative Care CoP and Hip Fracture CoP. This broad sector engagement breaks down barriers to working together to improve outcomes for the Victorian community.

    If you would like to discuss establishing or joining a Community of Practice, please contact the team at:

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    Clinical Conversations

    Clinical Conversations are a webinar series to provide a platform for people to explore speciality areas of healthcare by sharing and discussing key learnings from lived experience in the sector. They may contain presentations from specialists, health services or third parties on a particular topic to share what is working well in the sector and showcase local clinical expertise and learnings. They are recorded for viewing at a later date.

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