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Published Date29 Aug 2019
Last Updated17 Nov 2020

Standardised informed consent for maintenance dialysis

This policy outlines the minimum recommended standards for informed consent for maintenance dialysis, to ensure patients understand their condition, treatment options and associated... Read more...

Published Date28 May 2021
Last Updated12 Aug 2021

This document sets out the minimum standards for providing haemodialysis at home to guide Victorian health services. It focuses on services which should be provided in addition to those routinely provided for patients undertaking haemodialysis... Read more...

Published Date09 Aug 2018
Last Updated17 Nov 2020

The statewide Renal transplant consent to waitlist form is now available in eight frequently spoken languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Dari, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Turkish and Vietnamese. You can use the form with an interpreter to communicate with... Read more...