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The information that patients with end stage kidney disease receive when consenting to maintenance dialysis differs across Victorian renal services.

To make sure your patients are provided with sufficient information and understand their treatment options, we have developed three consent forms and a policy.

You can adapt them to suit the needs of your health service. 

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    Standardised informed consent for maintenance dialysis

    This policy outlines the minimum recommended standards for informed consent for maintenance dialysis, to ensure patients understand their condition, treatment options and associated risks, and are involved in decisions about their care.

    Download the policy 

    Consent forms

    These consent forms also provide your patients with a checklist of the minimum information that should be discussed before deciding on their treatment. The consents are available below: 

    Maintenance haemodialysis in a healthcare facility 

    Home haemodialysis

    Peritoneal dialysis 

    Supporting you to implement the minimum recommended standards

    We will be working with renal hub services to help adapt these templates to best work for your health service and your patients.

    Read more about our project.

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    Page last updated: 17 Nov 2020

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