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PEER Platform - Disclaimer

Safer Care Victoria (SCV) operates the PEER Platform as a free service that allows health professionals, safety and quality professionals and consumers who hold formal positions at a Victorian public or private health service (Candidates) to sign up for the platform and offer their services to other health services as an independent panel member for serious or sentinel event reviews.  
SCV's role is limited to providing the PEER Platform for use by Candidates and health services who wish to browse the Candidate profiles.  By using the PEER Platform, you agree to be bound by the PEER Platform Terms of Use.

Candidates listed on the PEER Platform appear voluntarily and with the written permission of their primary health service employer.  SCV does not conduct any further independent verification of any Candidate or their professional qualifications.  Candidates are directly responsible for ensuring that the Profile information published on the Website is accurate and complete at all times.
The presence or absence of any Candidate profile on the PEER Platform should not be construed as SCV providing any opinion as to the suitability of any Candidate.

By using the PEER Platform, you agree that you are solely responsible for: 

  • determining the suitability of a Candidate for your requirements (including by verifying the Candidate's professional qualifications, expertise and experience, and confirming that the Candidate has no conflict of interest in participating in your serious or sentinel event review);
  • managing the Candidate's participation in your serious or sentinel event review (including by obtaining any necessary confidentiality commitments from the Candidate and otherwise agreeing the terms and scope of participation directly with the Candidate); and
  • handling any complaints about the Candidate directly with the Candidate and their employer (without SCV's involvement).

The PEER Platform (and the information available on the PEER Platform) is provided “as is”, and you may access it at your own risk.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, the State of Victoria and SCV exclude all warranties, representations and implied terms about the currency, accuracy, suitability, functionality or reliability of the PEER Platform or any of its content. 

Accept terms of use
Nursing, Blood consultant
Medical, Emergency
Quality and safety, Risk manager
Nursing, Emergency, Medical
Midwifery, Rural, Emergency, Older person, Peri operative
Nursing, Peri operative
Allied health, Speech pathologist
Nursing, Education, Emergency, Older person