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We regularly run sessions for healthcare workers to hear professionals discuss wellbeing issues and programs and tactics to address them.

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Past events

Stepping back instead of stepping forward

December 2021

Dr Kym Jenkins and Dr Ken Harrison discuss reflecting on your health and wellbeing from a personal perspective.

Combating compassion fatigue and burnout at the healthcare frontline during COVID-19

This October 2020 webinar aims to help build resilience, protect against burnout and cope with psychological distress during the pandemic.

Self-care and wellbeing while working at the healthcare frontline

This August 2020 webinar aimed to help healthcare workers address feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, and offered strategies and information to support colleagues.

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Healthcare worker wellbeing in the time of COVID

Wellbeing is not a one size fits all approach. This broad range of professionals had a diverse and engaging conversation. 

Wellbeing in gardens

In this webinar, we explored the relationship between our natural environment and our wellbeing and what individuals and organisations can do to harness the impact of gardens on wellbeing. With keynote speaker Dr Jonathon (Yotti) Kingsley. 

Junior Doctor Wellbeing

In this webinar we learned about some of the challenges faced by junior doctors and about wellbeing programs that are working to address these. With keynote speaker Dr Christopher Chew. 

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