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    This report covers what the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board has done over the past 12 months to ensure a smooth transition to voluntary assisted dying.

    Note: It does not include any data or information on individual permits actioned in the first 11 days of the law. This is because it could identify patients, their families or doctors. For a list of data to be reported in the future, please see page 12 of the report.

    The Board plays an important role in assuring the community and health practitioners that voluntary assisted dying is closely and independently monitored and reviewed.

    Since it was established in July 2018, the Board:

    • developed forms that are easy-to-understand and follow for patients and doctors
    • built and launched the Voluntary Assisted Dying portal
    • finalised processes to review cases and assess compliance with the Act (including the return of any used medication in the community).

    By law, the Board is required to report to Parliament every six months for its first two years. The next report will be tabled by February 2020.

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