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Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey data shows consumers are not adequately engaged in their care, decision making and activities to maintain function during their hospital stay. This places older patients at risk of functional decline, increased length of stay and poor health outcomes.

We worked with 33 Victorian health services to implement the international End PJ paralysis movement to to encourage older patients to get changed out of their ‘PJs’, go for a walk and sit out of bed for meals.  This improves their chances of getting better quickly and going home.


Across the 33 participating sites, we saw:

  • a 19 per cent increase in the median percentage of patients who mobilised and were in their everyday clothes by 2 pm
  • a 16 per cent increase in the median percentage of patients sitting out of bed for lunch
  •  anecdotal feedback about the positive impact on patients’ mental health.

Some sites also recorded a decrease in length of stay, pressure injuries and falls. 


Decreased functional decline in at-risk hospital patients.


  • Percentage of patients who are in their everyday clothes by 2pm
  • Percentage of patients who mobilised by 2pm
  • Percentage of patients on your ward who sat out of bed to eat lunch
  • Number of new pressure injuries per month
  • Number of falls per month
  • Readmission rate
  • Length of stay
  • Discharge destination (% of patients discharged home)

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