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The wellbeing of healthcare workers is critical to patient safety.

While looking after the mental health and wellbeing of our healthcare workers has always been important, the pandemic has made this an immediate priority for our health sector. Never has it been more important to care for your own mental health and wellbeing and for that of your employees, colleagues, family members or loved ones.

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Applications are open for Phase 2 of the Initiative

What is the Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers initiative?  

We're excited to offer Victorian health services an opportunity to participate in Phase 2 of the Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers Initiative. This statewide initiative aims to promote joy in work and decrease burnout to improve the wellbeing of Victorian healthcare workers. Participating teams will use improvement science to identify and implement ideas to create individual and system-level changes.  

Read a summary of Phase 1 of the Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers' Initiative

We're accepting applications from a diverse range of healthcare settings, including public and private hospitals, community health, aged care and primary care.  

The Initiative will commence in April 2023 and run through June 2024. 

Our top tips for March

✔️ Shift work, overtime, work-related stresses and other commitments can affect your sleeping schedule. This Sleep, fatigue and stress in healthcare workers fact sheet by Black Dog Institute provides practical tips to have a good sleep for physical recovery and emotional health growth. 

✔️ Join NurseStrong Facebook Group (monitored by the Australian College of Nursing) where you can seek and share advice for wellbeing, and motivate and support other healthcare workers across the country.

✔️ Healthy Minds app (for iOS and Android) is a user-friendly platform for stress management. Take advantage of this app and try a wide range of exercises focused on awareness, connection, insight and purpose for better mental wellness.

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Page last updated: 07 Mar 2023