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The wellbeing of healthcare workers is critical to patient safety.

While looking after the mental health and wellbeing of our healthcare workers has always been important, the pandemic has made this an immediate priority for our health sector. Never has it been more important to care for your own mental health and wellbeing and for that of your employees, colleagues, family members or loved ones.

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Our top tips for June

✔️ Shift work, overtime, other work-related stresses and juggling other commitments could affect healthcare workers’ sleeping schedule. This Switch Off Checklist created by Workplace Wellbeing provides practical steps and suggestions to help you implement wellbeing activities throughout the day, switch off at night for quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

✔️As healthcare workers, discovering what matters to you plays in important part in realising your meaning and purpose. Let’s celebrate this year’s International What Matters To You Day (6 June), have this meaningful conversation with yourself, your colleagues to explore what contributes to or detracts from your wellbeing and joy in work with this practical guide; as well as find out about how asking What Matters helps create a more compassionate and person-centred care via this ‘What Matters To Me – a new vital sign’ TED talk.

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This initiative will support frontline healthcare workers, managers and executives to create system level changes across hospitals, community health, aged and primary care
These 15 minute live sessions help you stop and check your own vital obs, support your nervous system and find your feet.
Hear professionals discuss wellbeing issues and programs and tactics to address them.
These agencies provide specialist support tailored for healthcare workers in their field of work.
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The centre provides support for all who work in clinical and non-clinical roles in health services, community health and aged and primary care settings

Page last updated: 05 Jun 2023