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The wellbeing of healthcare workers is critical to patient safety.

While looking after the mental health and wellbeing of our healthcare workers has always been important, the pandemic has made this an immediate priority for our health sector. Never has it been more important to care for your own mental health and wellbeing and for that of your employees, colleagues, family members or loved ones.

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Our top tips for September

✔️ Support from supervisors and colleagues: The way assistance is provided plays an important part in reducing work-related stress, especially in a demanding job. This SafeWork NSW tip sheet gives practical advice for supervisors and co-workers on providing effective support.  
✔️ 5 ways to wellbeing: There are 5 types of behaviours that have been backed by research, which you can adopt to maintain your emotional, social, spiritual and psychological health. Find out what they are with this information sheet, and build your own wellbeing plan to incorporate them into your day.. 
✔️ For a good night sleep: There are many things that can help you to have a good night sleep. Have a look at this Sleep Health Foundation fact sheet if you want to find out about habits that promote better sleep hygiene. 

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