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Just as in life, patients who are dying will have preferences about where and how they want to die.

The refreshed Care plan for the dying person – Victoria and supporting resources will help you explore and document someone’s wishes, requests and preferences in the last days and hours of life.

It will step you through recognising someone who is dying, reviewing medications and interventions, planning and delivering individualised care, and providing care after death.

Please note that this guidance is currently undergoing review by Safer Care Victoria to ensure  the content is up to date. In the meantime, we recommend that you also refer to more contemporaneous evidence where possible.

Adapt this care plan for your health service to manage patients who may be deteriorating or approaching death, and help identify care goals.

Download the care plan.

Health professional user guide

This guide steps you through how to use the care plan, who should fill it out and what to consider. 
It includes some helpful advice and examples. View the guide

Consumer brochure

Available in six community languages below, this brochure can be printed and given to your patient and the people who matter most to them to help them understand how the care plan is used to support their loved one.

The brochure is for the patient and the people who matter most to them when the care plan is in use, and not for display on public stands.

When we consulted with community leaders, they told us that it is best to provide the brochure in both English and the community language. 


This suite of resources are internationally endorsed and supported by local clinical experts. Safer Care Victoria revised the documents to align with legislative changes, and to help your health service meet national healthcare quality and safety standards.

Please note: This resource was developed before the establishment of the Palliative Care Advice Service. Visit Palliative Care Advice Service or phone 1800 360 000 between 7 am and 10 pm. 

Checklists for health services to help prepare a patient to die at home

Two checklists have been developed to help improve processes supporting completion of a Medical Certificate Cause of Death. These checklists are for acute health services to use when discharging a patient and for admission to community palliative care services, to help prepare a patient to die at home. The checklists are able to be modified to suit the needs of individual health services.

Checklist - Acute Discharge to Palliative Care at home

Checklist - Admission or readmission to Community Palliative Care service for a death at home

Translated consumer fact sheets

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Version History

First published: June 2020

Last reviewed: N/A

Due for review: June 2023

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