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Posted on 05 Aug 2023

Safer Care for Kids

In 2021-22, we saw an increase in sentinel events related to patient deterioration, particularly in children and young people. In response, we proactively brought together more than 100 health care leaders, clinicians, patients, and families to consider how we might improve the safety and quality of care for children accessing emergency healthcare in Victoria. 

This resulted in three key recommended actions:

Posted on 30 May 2024

Updated Victorian Cardiovascular Dashboard goes live

We are pleased to announce the addition of new metrics into our existing Victorian Cardiovascular Dashboard (VCD). 

The new metrics are for:

  • in-or-out hospital mortality within 30 days of first admission for selected cardiac and stroke conditions
  • cardiac-related hospital acquired complications (HACs) indicators.

This latest release of dashboard measures will further support quality improvement in cardiovascular care with your health service.

Last Updated
22 May 2024
Last Updated
22 May 2024
Last Updated
22 May 2024
Last Updated
16 May 2024
Posted on 02 May 2024

Applications are open for the Check Again Network

Applications are open for healthcare services to partner with us in a penicillin allergy assessment and delabelling program. 

Our aim is to ensure Victorians have access to the most appropriate and safe antibiotics. Penicillins are a critical first line treatment for some bacterial infections (such as pneumonia) that can be life threatening. If a penicillin antibiotic cannot be prescribed, doctors are forced to use second line antibiotics, which may be more toxic and less effective.


Healthcare workers are key to the success of innovation, as the people delivering care are often the ones who identify problems and can bring about change.

“Healthcare innovation is critical when thinking about revolutionising a healthcare system”, explains Professor Jane Burns, Innovation Leader.

See more from Professor Jane Burns in this video. 

Last Updated
10 Apr 2024
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