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Snake bite or suspected snake bite is a rare but dangerous condition. This statewide guidance provides information on managing snake bite envenomation or suspected snake bite.


The clinical guidance and pathways only apply to suspected community-acquired snake bites in patients who are not snake handlers. Specific advice regarding bites in snake handlers and from non-endemic snakes should be obtained from a clinical toxicologist (Victorian Poisons Information Centre: Tel: 13 11 26).

The clinical pathways in the guidance are relevant for both adult and paediatric patients. For snake bite guidance specific to paediatrics see the Royal Children’s Hospital Snake bite clinical practice guidance.

Research regarding the optimal management of snake bite in Victoria is ongoing. This guidance is based on best available evidence and expert opinion. We will review new evidence and update this guidance as appropriate.


Snake bite guidance (Victoria)

This guidance should be read in conjunction with:

Patient fact sheet

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Version history

Last reviewed: September 2022
Due for review: September 2025

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