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    Please note: updates to the report, slides and supplementary tables have been published in May, October and December 2021 to include corrections in the maternal mortality and morbidity chapter and flow diagram for births in Victoria, as well as to provide additional data on births (Table 1.26b).

    The Victoria’s Mothers, Babies and Children 2019 reporting suite contains comprehensive data on all maternal, perinatal and paediatric mortality and morbidity, with additional data on birth outcomes. 

    Produced by the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity (CCOPMM), the written report includes:

    • a snapshot of data summarising key findings from 2019
    • recommendations from the independent review of births and deaths.

    The report is supported by:

    • a series of easy to use slide packs that contain more detailed data, trends and good practice points that can be used by clinicians to aid discussion in their own services
    • (to be available shortly) supplementary data tables that present the full complement of mortality and morbidity data including trend data over varying time periods.

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